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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 19, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> ama: in the shadow of the boston marathon bombings they took no chances. it was hard not to spot the new security measures at the bay to breakers race. still, not everyone decided to follow the rules. good evening, i'm ama daetz. tomas roman is live at the bay-to-breakers finish line with a closer look at the efforts to keep the race safe. reporter: everything is wrapping up here at the great highway finish line, and police and long-time runners say this bay-to-breakers had more visibility security than they've ever seen. the bay-to-breakers is a massive
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party. seen some sky 7hd the crowd of 87,000 runners, a third of which paid to run, looked like a giant cat piller through the center of san francisco. at every point along the race there were san francisco police officers, sheriffses, park employs and cameras like this one. >> there are cameras throughout the race. >> since the boston marathon bombings security has increased at races like this, this race has had more security than any other previous bay-to-breakers. many runners enjoyed the spectacle. >> terrorists win if they prevent people from living the life they want to live, and we wanted to have an enjoyable family day together. >> some spectators are still uneasy after the boston attack. >> i feel also more on edge. i don't need to but just go -- >> the rules this year prohibited floats and alcohol.
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we didn't see any floats. >> on hey street hill, gauntlet of private security officers confiscated alcohol containers. fewer drunks mean fewer problems for police security was obvious along the course, bomb-sniffing dogs were brought in to sniff the course. san francisco officer worked with them. >> divided the teams up throughout the route and everybody is responsible for a section. >> at the great highway finish line a camera mounted on the command center swept the area constantly. police were pleased with the race. 16 people had to be sent to sobering tents. 21 people went to county jail for public intoxication. police made two raveses. one for possession of a firearm
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and one for felony robbery and one officer was injured making one of those arrests. >> ama: today's race featured costumes as always, and they ran wild. some wore tutus, some inner tubes, and the public nudity ban bassed in san francisco, that did not apply to today's race. the ordinance exempts some major events. we we will have more coming up at 6:00. >> here's a look at the winners of the bay-to-breakers. the top male runner is from eat -- ethiopia who completed in 35 minutes and one second. and on the women's side, diane johnson finished first, running the course in 40 minutes and 12 seconds. today's bay-to-breakers also marked the tragic anniversary. san francisco police investigators continue to work on a murder case involving a runner in last year's race.
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steven martin, of santa clara, was punched and hit in the -- and hit his head on a sidewalk during a post rays celebration in golden gate parch. police released this video showing him at the east enof golden gate park where the beating occurred. witnesses say mars continue argued with some men wearing 49ers jerseys before he was hit. >> oakland policings are searching for a gunman wanted in a shooting. you can see evidence markers that show more than a does shots were fired. one person died. it happened at 4:30 this morning on 92nd avenue. no arrests have been made. this is oakland reside 38th 38th homicide of the year, this were 46 at this time last year. >> in san francisco, charred items mark the spot where a fire damaged an apartment building in the mission district. the fire was reported just before 2:00 this morning as a three-0 story building on
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valencia street. no word on what caused the fire. >> police in palo alto say they're increasing patls in the downtown area in response to what may be two connected recent crimes there. officers say two armed men tried to rob a group of women just before 10:00 wednesday night near university avenue. the women were able to run into nearby businesses. police say that case may be connected to a strong armed robbery mondayneath just about a block away on hamilton avenue. >> new video as the group "occupy the farm" settles in on a piece of land in the east bay. they've taken over part of the tract near monroe an knew in albany. 20 activityists remain there. some tents are now set up on the property. cal berkeley owns the land and has the city's approval for development but occupy members claim it's public land. police are monitoring the situation. last saturday, "occupy the farm" did the same thing.
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four people were arrested and the planting was bulldozed. >> there are two new million areas in california tonight. le but no california ticket hit the jackpot, the two lucky tickets matched five numbers, including one person city 7-eleven in san jose. the second ticket was bought at a 7-eleven in kearn county. someone came into the store to claim the winning ticket this morning. lottery officials will not confirm that until tomorrow. each ticket is worst just over $2 million. here's the winning numbers: 10, 13, 14, 22, 52. powerball, 11. the one ticket that matched all these numbers was bought in florida. here's the story. >> tonight we have the biggest jackpot in powerball history. >> lady luck hits one ticket sold in florida at this public
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supermarket. shoppers were absorbing the news. >> i'm like, i can't believe it. that's shocking, out of the whole country, this little market, receiver will could be the winner. >> who is holding the ticket to easy street? we don't know yet but one lottery official offered some unorthodox advice. >> sign the back of the ticket, put it in an envelope and duct tape it to my chest. i'd be known as the powerball millionaire with the nasty rash. >> more than 230 million tickets were bought. >> nonstop all day. >> on saturday in one hour, texas sold over 1 million tickets. while sales for the day averaged a dizzying $36,000 a minute. interest was so foors that crashed after the winning numbers were drawn. >> we have got a guaranteed jackpot worth 40 -- nice, gentlemen jackport peaked at
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$595.5 million now. the powerball bounces back down to a measly $40 million. pocket change saturday's winner but hope springs eternal and the jackpot rises along with them. abc news, insuring. >> the bay area super bowl commitow is on its way to boston to make a final bid to host super bowl l. they're set to decide betweenle miami and the 49ers. at it believed the bay area has the advantage after the florida state legislateyear failed to approve upgrading the stadium. >> a new finding raises new questions about corrosion on the bay bridge project. that story is ahead. >> also, a hate crime in new york city. the evidence police say proves a gay man was targeted. >> and round two of severe
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weather is pummeling parts of the midwest. right now, the areas on alert. >> leigh: terrific day across the bay area. one more day of warming and then get ready for a big cooldown.
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>> sad news for the falcon family in san jose. one of the chicks have died. it died after one of the parents passed food to it in mid-air. the young falcon missed writ was supposed to land and flew into the side of a building instead.
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this video comes from the falcon cam. the live video feed has attracted thousands of hits. >> new concerns about structural issues on the new bay bridge. thousands of steel -- were exposed to salty mist leading to corruption. the tendons weren't properly sealed but found little corrosion, nine engineers looked at the dat and say the caltrans tests were inadequate. an official says the corrosion does not affect safety of the bridge. >> a shooting suspect faces murder and hate crime charges after the death of a gay man on the streets of new york system detectives believe elliott morales targeted the victim, mark carson, yesterday. it happened in greenwich village. witnesses say he used gay slurs
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when he approached carson and his companion. >> we believe the shooter, the perpetrator, says to the victims, do you want to die here? >> i just don't understand it, and it's really affected me when i saw it on the news. >> ama: morales is being held without bail and will make his next court appearance on this. the nypd says she has been arrested in the past for attempted murder. >> a weather emergency in parts of the midwest. ahead, we're following a batch of bad weather going through several states and the area where tornadoes are being reported right now. >> taking you live outside in the bay area, a bright mild day. leigh glaser says we'll have still warmer weather to come as we start the
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>> ama: incredible, developing news from the midwest. tornadoes ripped up plenty of debris and sent people running for cover near oklahoma city. more twisterred have been spotted this evening, tornado warnings are in effect in oklahoma and kansas. severe weather started move toweling the area yesterday, brought high winds, heavy rains and tornado. look at this, tornado captured on camera. amazingly there are no reports of injuries. the severe weather is expected to continue into tomorrow. you can get the latest on the storms next on world news with david muir at 5:30. >> now we turn to our weather which has definitely warmed up. >> leigh: it certainly has. i want to show you live doppler 7hd, severe thunderstorms, a line of them moving through the midwest. you can see the line right here, very tornadic activity, towards kansas city, wichita, heading toward the omaha area so all of this is moving towards the east
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northeast. very active evening for that part of the country. and all eyes will be on the skies there tomorrow as well as that severe weather continues to burn -- push towards the east. a great day today, wasn't it, gang? the live doppler 7hd not picking up any activity at all here. in fact we're not even seeing a lot of cloud cover out there. live shots here from high definition sutro cam towards the golden gate bridge. 65 in san francisco, oakland, 76. santa cruz, 80. in fact we'll take you to santa cruz right now. you can see for yourself. lots of folks just enjoying the last few hours of their sunday evening. santa rosa, 84. 82, livermore. fairfield, 87. so here is a look at just how warm it's been today. up five degrees, sfo. novato, up six, up six in san
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jose, and livermore, up eight degrees today. we'll see a little more warming tonight. here's a look at the forecast highlights. clear and breezy overnight, especially at the coast. near 70 degrees at our beaches tomorrow. as i said, offshore wind will be with us one more day, and then get ready for a big cooldown. we'll drop as much as 10-15 degrees heading into tuesday and wednesday. lows tonight, most folks in the 50s. 52, santa rosa, 54, san francisco most of the low clouds well off the coast. a little fog here and there. palo alto, 52. so, folks, here's the setup. high pressure bringing us a terrific day today and yesterday. it will continue to hold its place over the bay area, bringing us a slight warm offshore winds tomorrow, and then as we get into tuesday, all of this will start to collapse, and this cold front is going to usher in some very chilly temperatures for us, we head into tuesday, wednesday, and
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thursday. so, we'll start the week warm, and then we'll bottom out by mid-week. here's a look at what i'm talking about. san hoe say, 87. by tuesday, only 71. 69 for wednesday. and oakland as well, the big chill on tuesday, from 80 degrees on monday to 68 on tuesday, and out towards livermore valley area as well, temperatures will begin to dive. you'll hit 91 tomorrow and 73 on tuesday. here's a look at some other cities around the bay for your monday. 83 for sunnyvale, 66, half moon bay. 84, palo alto. san francisco, 74. north bay, 85. oakland, 80. and concord tomorrow, 90. the accuweather seven-day forecast, enjoy tomorrow because the cooldown will be with us on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. tuesday night and wednesday, very strong winds expected
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around here as well. slightly warm things up next weekend. >> ama: sounds good. shu is here with sports. a's andiants going different directions. >> mike: they are. giants in a dollarsous -- disastrous road trip. and a's splitting three with the royals.
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>> mike: the giants have struggled on the road, especially with their pitching, losing five of six on the recent trip, including 3-4 out of the
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rescues. barry zito, rocky mountain low. this baby isn't the only one sleeping. giants bats couldn't wake up this afternoon. barry zito allowed 11 hits in 5-2/3 innings. five runs, including this double. 2-0 colorado. now, bases loaded in the six until. tulowitzki brings in a couple more. g-men shut out for the first time since opening day. they head back home to face the nationals tomorrow night. >> a's and royals, media relations extraordinary air. she is moving on. royals led most of the way but he a's clawedle back. jed lowerie in in the fifth. 32-royals, then mendoza, it's misplayed. norris gets to third.
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we're tried. you missed that? then the a's complete the comeback in the eighth. cespedes, see ya. a's win, completing a sweep with royal flush and how about cespedes. >> that's what he is there to do, to produce, and just one of the things, hit it out and -- >> the guys just kept battling up at the plate and found a way to get it done, and it's a huge testament to the talent on the time. >> anybody you can caught out with three wins, it's definitely a plus for us. >> mike: nba western conference fortunatelies, grizzlies and spurs. everybody wondering how the spurs would be an grueling series against the warriors. parker, two of his 20. also had nine assists. kawhi leonard, corner three. he had 18. grizzlies up 105-83, take the
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1-0 series lead. >> in 2011 keegan bradley won the byron nell son championship and today trying to become the first wire-to-wire winner since 1980. to-miles-an-hour winds make the sport tougher. bay, second place coming in today. november won -- never won a pga tournament. but was tied with bradley at 16. makes the billions to get to 13-under. bradley, the same line, misses, 12-under. that was his favorite part can the last two holes, wins his first ever pga event by two strokes. >> final stage of the tour of california starting in san francisco and ending in santa rosa. peter saggan won in three hours and four minutes but an american, who led the final three day, finished without incident to win the tour of california with an overall time of 29 hours and 43 minutes. >> coming up at six, looking
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ahead to game four with the sharks. >> ama: the car that set an auction record. a look at the
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>> ama: coming up at 6:00. the bay area jail being called one of the worst in the nation. the changes coming to tell photograph avenue in berkeley. the one day a week you won't be able to drive on it.
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and behind the scenes at tonight's billboard musician -- music awards airing right here. >> a 52-year-old car sold for a record high amount at auction. take a look at these hot wheels. this 1961 aston martin db4 sold yesterday for $4.85 million during an auction in the uk. left in a garage for 30 years, sold for more than $486,000. the car sat idle for so long there was a mouse in its engine, but we don't think that was included as part of the sale. that does it for us here at abc7 news at 5:00. i'm ama daetz. for leigh glaser and mike shumann, thank you for joining us, world news is next, and start you day with weather, news and traffic from the abc7 news exclusive alarm clock app. see you back here at 6:00.
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this is "world news." tonight, breaking news in the heartland. tornadoes touching down right now. 30 million americans in the storm zone. this evening, the new warnings and the giant twisters caught on tape. meteorologist ginger zee in the middle of it all tonight. off the rails. the dramatic moments right after that major commuter train derailed, smashing into another. and tonight, yet another train off the tracks. the warnings for tomorrow morning's commute. the one and only. that record powerball jackpot. and what we learned about the one winning ticket. and why this winner has no choice. they won't be able to stay anonymous. and her turn. after that famous oscar moment, ben affleck telling the world his marriage was work. his wife, actress jennifer garner, getting the last laugh.